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I am told that I am the ultimate amateur interracial hardcore slut MILF for well hung black men, and I do it all to please. Some
of my favorite things to do and things you will see me do in the members area and my videos are...anal, DP's, facials,
creampies, rimming, toe sucking, ass to mouth, and especially, gangbangs.

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Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Age: figure it out
Build: Athletic
Location: Northern California, Born in San Francisco..... lived in Northern CA for 16 years

In spare time like to.... go clubbing, dancing, shopping, traveling, and participating in XXX stuff, working out, playing on
computer, working in yard. Have a college degree and also my own small desktop publishing business.
I got my first black cock 12 yrs ago, I was at club and 2 black guys got me dancing with them and got me going big time took me outside did me in our mini van. They used me like a slut and made me love it, then told me if I wanted more to come back Friday, and I came back Friday. The same guys took me outside, but this time as they left they had 2 others come and do me. I had never been used the way these guys did, they got me so good I did anything they wanted and now I have a very big need for black man's cock. I have been ganged a lot of times and want more anytime and anywhere. I have a cuckhold hubby & he has seen me doing it all. He is my best friend and cameraman, also loves to see me do what I so much enjoy.
Answers To Commonly Asked Questions
1. Do you ever do photo shoots with men who are not black ?
I absolutely love sex so color is not and issue, nor is gender. I prefer sex with black men as they tend to treat me more like the sexual slut I enjoy being. Even though I do play with all races, I mostly only post pictures and videos of my black experiences, as I do offer this as an interracial site.
2. Does your cuckold hubby appear on film?
That is not something that is done on film. This is something we do for our personal pleasure, and feel at this time, that it is a part of our relationship that we would like to remain private. Besides he is the cameraman which would make that tough.
3. What are some of the crazier sex things you have done?
One of the first that would come to mind would be, having sex during a radio show, while Bubba the love sponge (nationally known controversial DJ) was on the air. Another occasion would have to be in the back of a van in Shasta with the temp about 97 degrees at midnight taking on the blue angles. Actually got my honorary wings. Of course there are also the times I go to glory holes and suck off strangers or have sex in adult theatres. These are to just name a few. Guess I shouldn't leave out the several time in hotel elevators, men's room, limos, cocktail lounges, hotel lobbies, parking lots, etc., etc., etc.
4. Is this your only web site?
No, I also have another separate site that I sell my hardcore, raw videos on. There are currently over 70 titles in both
VHS and DVD. Even thought they are amateur they are professionally master for the best quality possible for you.
Also, you can see pictures posted by me on some of the top thumbnail gallery posts on the web, like the hun, and also
have also had 2 feature articles on me in both the California Swingers Magazine and the on line magazine Forplay.
I spend an great deal of time with the web site, as I hope you can tell. I work over 60-70 hours a week on editing
the photos and video clips, as well looking for fun new things for my members to enjoy.
5. How often do you update the web site?
I try to update twice a week, but with the travel I do around the country, to enjoy as much sex as possible it is not always an option. Upon return from trips, I try to bring extra treats for you though. Every month, I upload about 400
photos and at least 30 1-1/2 minute videos clips. I started the site in November of 2000, and the site now has over 23,000 pictures, 2,000+ video clips, erotic stories and a whole lot of other fun stuff I gather for you.
6. Are there things other than your gangbangs?
I truly enjoy sex, whether gangbangs, one on one, rimming, toe sucking, facials and all the other fun sexual stuff. I have several members that have requested thing a little out of the ordinary. Since I enjoy all things sexual I thought that not only would I give it a try, but also felt that if one member might like something there may be others too. I am a multi-faceted person and wanted to show some of the other sides of me as well. There is a section in the members area now, called "on the kinky side", where if interested, you can see things like bondage, dungeon, golden and some other kinkier stuff I my get myself involved with. I will never give up sex. Especially amateur hardcore interracial sex which will always be my favorite.
7. How often do you do photo shoots ?
I do a great deal of travel for my sexual experiences, as I like traveling and it also give my husband and I a chance to me some terrific new people. Hubby always goes with me, as he is also my best friend / cameraman / pervert and cuckold.
Due to the travel we do, I usually plan a trip where i will be in a selected city for about four days and during that time will do as many as 8-9 shoots. That's not counting the off camera sex. Upon return I try to spend at least 1-2 weeks home to reacquaint with my dog and get the new pictures and film ready to share with you. Then away I go again...tend to always want more sex.
8. Do you film / and or video tape all of your sexual encounters?
Certainly not, I love sex way to much to ever say that a camera needs to be present for me to have and give pleasure to someone else. Especially if that would make them uncomfortable. I do try to have pictures / video taken of as much of it as possible, not only so I can share my sexual experiences with my members, but hubby and I like to watch the encounters again ourselves. Can really be an additional turn on.
9. Do you have sex for money or do out call?
I have had on occasion had gentlemen help cover travel expenses to a particular town I am traveling to for the pleasure of being present to watch me at play but pay is usually not considered for sex. I am not a working girl. I don't think working girls are bad, it's just that I never have had enough sense to say "sorry, even though I am really enjoying this your time is up."
However ALL things ARE possible...Make me an offer! Love having a Sugar Daddy.

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