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I often receive comments from members regarding the things they enjoy about my site
and the things that they would like done different. These are the most recent. So read
below to find out why so many people are loyal I hope you will be.

Contact's Name: Bob ---City: Buffalo ---State: NY -

Comments: I just wanted to let you know.I paid for another year on your site.You are so Hot,sexy,slutty,and know how to get the guys excited.I am attracted to older Mature women,and I must say,you get better with age.Love the hot pink with Brutus,keep em comming.I think the trick is you just do it have fun and people see that and enjoy.I know you sell yourself as a slut,and as I am jerking off to your vids,I know,but I also know you are very smart,sexy,and 1 attractive LADY.I am a HUGE fan of your site,enjoy yourself,as I will watching you.
Huge fan from Buffalo Ny

Contact's Name: Maurice ---City: Chattanooga ---State: TN

Comments: I love your legs and how you are always " a true interracial amateur slut. It really excites me when I see you holding
a cock with your wedding band in clear view. I'd love to see more home shots where you are in a natural environment...normal
everyday etc.....make sure you have on a short skirt...please !!!
Love Maurice
Contact's Name: Bryan ---City: GALVA ---State: IA.

Comments: I have been a member of your website for about six months now. I like it because you are not afraid to do anything
that you want to do. I like your videos because there is no acting,
you are just enjoying yourself. Like my wife says, I would
rather watch Reno Susan than any other videos because they are not fake. Please keep up the good work! p.s. love your galleries.

Contact's Name: Buck ---City: Oviedo ---State: Florida

Comments: Susan I am a gay white male who prefers black men. When it comes to porn however I prefer to watch straight
interracial sex over gay porn. I like your site and remain a
member first off because of the monthly fee. Very reasonable. I
enjoy your choice in men you use to make your films. Especially Mr. Slayer. I actually bought your DVD of the 2 of you. I also
like the MPEGS and VOD area. Keep it up. Your site helps to keep me at home. A real "PLEASURE"!
Contact's Name: Derek ---City: Tampa ---State: Florida

Comments: Hi Susan I enjoy your site, you are a true blackcock, ass licking slut who knows how to bring the freak out of a
Blackman you are truly a Blackman's
revenge. and god bless you. P. S. if ever in Tampa look me up (lol)
Contact's Name: Dave ---City: Anchorage ---State: Alaska

Hi Susan: Today I sent you a mail-order for one of your DVDs, "Two Sluts in Dallas." In enclosed the printed signature form
with the money. I want to thank you for making your awesome videos available on DVD and gald to see more added to
this format all the time. The list of them gets bigger all the time. Just like my dick when I watch them.You are one
of the
most exciting women doing amateur videos, and I'm a big fan of yours. You are so sexy and beautiful, and the sex
you have with your black
friends is soooo hot. If you could e-mail me when you get my order, I would appreciate it very
much. Thanks again for doing what you do, and I wish you all the best. Dav
Contact's Name: Don ---City: Atlanta ---State: GA

Comments: I joined because I love watching you give your world famous rim jobs. You are the best on the web and you seem
to have a passion for it. I love having my ass licked, and it is one of my fetishes. I have downloaded most of your rim job mpegs.
I just wish they were more easily searched in the mpeg section. Ple
ase keep up the great ass licking photos and mpegs.
Contact's Name: Gail ---City: Paris ---Country: France

Comments: very hot site and wonderful women... kisses Gail
Contact's Name: Dave

Susan: I got the replacement DVD sent by your production company. The first one was definitely
a bad burn. The replacement DVD works great, and I really enjoy it. I'll be ordering more very soon. Thanks again for being
beautiful, doing what you do so well, and providing such great entertainment. And Especially the terrefic customer service. Been burned by many sites in the past and you have more than restored my
faith. Will look forward to buying DVD's from you again soon.
Contact's Name: 9

White girls have the best butts usually. They also suck cock better usually too. Especially black cock. To hell with those
jealous black bitches. White women rule. And you're the proof. I want to see a porn where a white girl pushes a black girl
aside and says," Move over, Bitch! Let a white girl show you how to suck black cock!" And then the white girl gives the black guy
the best cock sucking in his life while the black girl just feeling so useless while she watches you give those black guys dicks a lot
of white girl dick sucking. Just wishing she could be a good as a white girl. You should tell a black girl to get on her knees and
suck your superior white ass. Better yet, you could even have a bunch of black guys tie her up and have her watch them fuck
you. Bend over and show off your white girl ass pride! Thanks again Susan!
Contact's Name: Will ---City: Louisville ---State: KY

Comments: Susan why can't we make your pics wallpaper anymore. It was great every time I turned on my computer and
have a wallpaper of you get stuffed by beautiful blackcock meat and rimming hard body azzholes. I worship you like all of
black America keep it up and let me have a wallpaper of your pretty azz....Will (Louisville)
Contact's Name: Will ---City: Louisville ---State: KY

Comments: Susan you brought the wallpapers back and we can make them from pics again. Thanks for listening
to members requests and the great follow thru and attention that you give your members.

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