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I absolutely love sex so color is not and issue, nor is gender. I prefer sex with black men as they tend to treat me more
like the sexual slut I enjoy being. Even though I do play with all races, I mostly only post pictures and videos of my black experiences, as I do offer this as an interracial site.


with open minds, ages 20-40, are wanted.

1. send email and pics
2. Be willing to sign release
3. try to have current test results
4. Get you cock out and let me start sucking.

If you are interested in a sexual encounter with me, for play or for pictures / video, these are the steps required.

1. Email me and tell me your age, height,weight and location.
Along with that, you also need to send photos of you that shows your face and build. You already know what I look like, and guess you are attracted to
what you see or you would not be considering this. Well, I also need to know what you look like as I want to be sure that I am sexually attracted also.
Please make sure the photo you are sending is current. An old photo is not going to show me what you look like now. I will not reproduce, display, or
publish the photos. But I need to see what you look like.

If this is for a one on one play, just the required pictures of yourself, if this is for a gangbang then I also need the same pictures of the other men
who will be present. Please bear in mind that when I travel my schedule gets very full fast. So even though I may dsepartely want to play with
you just for fun, it will depend on how much free time I have, that is not scheduled for shoots for the site.

If you want to send me a photo of your cock, that's great.
However, I will still need to see a face / body pictures so I know who I
am conversing with.
Send photos by email to susanreno@charter.net with subject line MODEL
. Or mail photos to:
Reno Entertainment
P O Box 3807
Sparks, NV 89432
Be sure to include your location and contact info

If this is not just for play, but for picture/video shoot ....you must also state that you are willing to produce, at the time of shoot, 2 forms of ID and be
willing to sign a model release. For every shoot, there is a model release. No one sees these releases except for myself and my husband. It's illegal not to
use them, so I follow this rule closely.

I really prefer to have my sex raw and bareback, so I expect both of us to have current negative test results with us at the time of play, whether for just
play for or for picture/video this is required. I love to swallow cum and can not do this if you are not tested I also have problem with latex condoms.

If this is for picture/ video and not just play...I prefer for your face to be on film, as others love seeing full facial expressions. I do on occasion allow a do
rag and dark glasses, but have found that masks do not work well and get uncomfortable for the wearer.

I do consider share content


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