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Susan's Hot Bucks Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions Page

Please read all information completely before joining the program

The following Terms and Conditions are legally binding and must be agreed to in order to participate in the Susan's
Hot Bucks AffiliateProgram. We reserve the right to deny or terminate any webmaster participation in the Susan's
Hot Bucks Program at anytime.
  1. You must be at least the legal age to view adult material in your state or country (18 years old in most states) to
    participate in our affiliate program.

  2. All sites must be accepted into affiliate program before posting any of our promotional material or banners.
    NO non-adult sites/webmasters allowed in this program. If you sign up and you have a Real Estate site, a lawn
    care site, a yahoo page or a MySpace page expect to get lots of shit from us.

  3. You are not allowed to use our promotional materials or banners to promote any other website besides
    The use of our copyrighted material to promote any other website other than will be dealt with
    in civil court. We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if you steal our shit.
  4. Any site with child pornography, bestiality, or anything else illegal will not be accepted into our affiliate program.
    We do not endorse sites like these, and we will turn you over to the proper agencies that investigate and prosecute
    illegal sites be they U.S. or in other countries. If your site even LOOKS like it has anything to do with underage
    performers we will report your ass.
  5. Do NOT create your own banners and links to promote Susan's Hot Bucks / Please contact us if
    you need custom sizes or special links.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel/change/update this affiliate program at anytime, or to update the website(s) to
    which it promotes.
  7. We will not be held responsible for any loss due to site downtime. Mechanical/software issues happen, it's a fact
    of life and we must accept it.
  8. We are not responsible for the content/material on your website or servers.
  9. We reserve the right to terminate any account with any webmaster engaged in illegal activities. This includes
    but is not limited to: Spamming, unsolicited e-mail, fraud and fraudulent credit card activity, improper usage of
    our content and or theft of any sort.
  10. If any of the terms and conditions listed above are violated your account will be terminated. We will invalidate
    any and all current sales without notice! You must remove any promotional material/banners received from Susan's
    Hot Bucks / from your site immediately upon termination from our affiliate program.


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